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How Your Donation Will Help Tigers in the Wild

  • Your support will help WWF save tigers across their habitat—from India and Indonesia all the way to the Russian Far East.
  • WWF will focus its activities on antipoaching efforts in critical tiger sites.
  • WWF will build political will in tiger range countries to protect and connect tiger habitats on a massive scale, and clamp down on tiger trade.

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Take Control of Your Purchasing Power

Forest clearing for illegal logging and agricultural cash crops destroys tiger habitat and is a major threat to the survival of tigers. Here is a list of ways you can support companies that are implementing sustainable practices:

Save 30 Hills

Take action to ensure safe habitat for some of the last remaining Sumatran tigers by helping us protect 30 Hills. Sign the petition to Save 30 Hills.

Say NO to Tiger Products

Sign the pledge not to buy endangered wildlife products at home or when on vacation. Poaching is the largest threat to tigers in the wild. Tiger parts are used for traditional Asian medicine, clothing and folk remedies.

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Sign up for WWF’s monthly e-newsletter, which features news about tigers. Encourage others to support tiger conservation so future generations will have the opportunity to view tigers in the wild.

Travel to Tiger Country

Income from tourism at tiger reserves can be critical to building support among local communities for tiger protection. There is never a guarantee that travelers will see a tiger in the wild, but among the best places to try are India and Nepal’s tiger reserves and national parks. Look for tour operators who focus on nature travel, take travelers in small groups with expert local guides and are authorized by the park service of the country.

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